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Mill City Silos - Minneapolis 360 Planet Panorama | Print - Canvas - Metal

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The iconic grain silos of the Mill City Museum of Minneapolis radiate outwards as the must visit Stone Arch Bridge wraps around the other side. This 360 degree panorama captures some of the most historic and popular sights the city has to offer.

A very unique perspective of these icons is hard to find so why not combine them all into a single image. Other spots in this image include the Guthrie Theater with its Endless Bridge reaching over West River Parkway, The Gold Medal Flour Sign adding a red glow to the surrounding Mill Ruins Park. The 35W Bridge is in the distance with its lighting reflecting of the Mississippi River next to the University of Minnesota Steamplants four towers reaching out into the sky.This image pairs wonderfully with Gold Medal Park 360 which is just up the road next to the Guthrie Theater.