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Disc Golf Heaven | Wall Art | Prints - Canvas - Metal

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A Disc Golf Heaven print or ready to hang wall art canvas and metal print is a perfect photograph to display for any disc golfer. Imagine tossing and drilling an awesome putt that bangs those chains dead center. While celebrating the birdie, the sound of heavenly angels rises as the clouds open up revealing beams of light emanating from the basket towards the heavens. That was a great putt! 

Having this print in your office will almost certainly lead to discussions about disc golf with strangers or even acquaintances who you never knew played. Correcting some that the sport is called “disc golf” and not “frisbee golf” or the dreaded term “frolf.” While informing others it is an actual professional sport and not just a hippie past time.

 Studies have shown an image like this can even relieve the stress of being stuck at work or home, unable to get outside and throw a round. It might even shave a few throws off your rounds while improving your short game!  (These statements have not been evaluated by the PDGA)

I have to attribute disc golf to starting my career and love for photography. This and other disc golf images were my first to print and sell after winning some competitions and receiving some interest in my work. It also led to my first published images in some magazines and calendars. I honed my skills during the countless rounds I played and travelled to some pretty cool places in search of new courses with friends. Disc Golf Heaven is one of my favorite and luckiest captures. It was shot on the last hole of my home course. I remember dropping everything as the perfect fleeting moment and position of the sun and clouds revealed themselves. I rushed to the basket to compose my show, ignoring everything else.  I hope I wasn't in the way of anyone teeing off! Quickly the rays went away as the sun lowered in the sky. That feeling you get when you know you got an awesome shot is like a drug that keeps me going, and makes me feel lucky to be there at the perfect moment in time.

Heaven can be any beautiful course where you are throwing and having fun. Bring a little slice of this disc golf heaven home with a variety of options and sizes.