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Boundary Waters Camp | Print - Canvas - Metal

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Half of the time spent in the Boundary Waters is at camp where I capture most of the photos during a trip. Photography in the wilderness depends solely on the available light provided by the sun, moon, and stars. When all the chores of cooking, cleaning, gathering wood, filtering water, and putting up the tent are complete, I spend the rest of the time getting ready for that magical moment when the sun approaches the horizon providing us with beautiful warm light.

The moment is fleeting and seems to be even more so when trying to compose different shots and operate the camera. No two sunsets are the same even though it happens every day without fail. Clouds are the brushstrokes from the heavens, constantly evolving, building and thinning as they fly through the sky; filtering the sun's rays and reflecting warm colors contrasting with the blue sky.

Sometimes we get lucky with everything lining up, treating us with a show before we enter the darkness of night. I try to be prepared for these moments, deciding on my position to capture the scene around me while considering where the sun will say goodbye. In this panorama everything came together for that short moment with the sun setting just behind the pines on the opposite shore. The edge of the clouds glowing orange with the rocky ground of camp turning pink in front of me. On the peninsula some weathered pines reach up to the sky, splitting the lake as it vanishes towards the distant horizon.

When printed in the largest sizes, this piece goes well on a wider space, above a sofa, desk, or large entry way.