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Art-A-Whirl has not been cancelled! Crazy times call for new solutions.

Posted by Chris Broste on May 11th 2020

What a crazy time we are all in. Most of the world has been forced to alter the way they live, work, and play. 

One of the most disappointing aspects for me has been the cancelling of all this years art events. This is nothing in comparison to what others are dealing with, but stings a little because this would be the start of my third year showing art in public, a new journey in the evolution of my photography career. Luckily we have the great Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association or NEMAA for short. They have moved Art-A-Whirl from the studios and streets of Northeast Minneapolis to the 1's and 0's of the internet with Art-A-Whirl Online. Artists will be offering their artworks over the web for pickup and shipping. 

Who knows, maybe this change could be a benefit to some by making the event more accessible to those who prefer  not dealing with large crowds or others who have mobility issues. Maybe there is a great artist who was hidden among the crowd or in a hidden corner of a building that will now be recognized for their work. Anything is possible when blazing new trails in uncertain times. Thanks to NEMAA for adapting quickly and offering us an outlet to show our work. Stay tuned for more info and links closer to this weekend. (Fri May 15th - Sun 17th)

Hope everyone is healthy, safe, and making the best of these unusual times.