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Nordeast Minneapolis Grain Belt Sign | Print - Canvas - Metal

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The Nordeast Minneapolis Grain Belt bottle cap sign that greets people heading over the river on the Hennepin Ave Bridge into Northeast Minneapolis. Recently this sign was fixed up and re-lit. Considered a historical landmark the sign is loved by many having been a part of the Minneapolis skyline for more than 80 years. It sits on Nicollet Island next to the Mississippi River with the best view being from First Bridge Park on West River Parkway in downtown Minneapolis MN.

This piece is a combination of many photographs stiched together and warped into a 360 degree panorama to make what is commonly referred to as a tiny planet. I shot this with a standard DSLR camera and a 50mm lens. I rotate the camera around in circles on a tripod while taking one frame for each step of the rotation. When I shot this the sign was missing many bulbs so I spent allot of time fixing them in photoshop along with many other stiching errors.

This image is huge! Even when printing larger than 6 feet wide it will still retain all of its detail. If you would like a custom size or if you have any questions or spot suggestions please feel free to contact me.